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Compass Laboratory Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin 2 Pack Bundle – Non-Toxic, Safe, 100% Pure, USP Grade, Food Grade Bulk PG and VG for Soaps, Lotions, Moisturizers, Solvents & More

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Compass Laboratory Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin 2 Pack Bundle
Looking for pure PG and VG bulk solutions for your industrial, cosmetic, healthcare and textile needs? Tired of using low-grade, cheap chemicals that just don’t do the job? Then Compass Laboratory has the perfect product for you!
These non-toxic, USP, food grade, Kosher and odorless industrial lubricants and defoaming agents are tested or inspected numerous times throughout the manufacturing process to maintain optimal ability for all industries!

You will find that this Propylene Glycol works a lot better for your lubrication, defoaming, de-icing and viscosity modification needs. We use top quality, 100% pure PG in the creation of our solution.

Whether you are in the textile, cosmetic, medical, healthcare, industrial, food or agriculture industry, Vegetable Glycerin is a must have. Go with the best supplier there is… Compass Laboratory!

Whether you want to make your own soaps, need an antifreeze solution or have a business that relies on lubricating, viscosity manipulation, non-alcohol based herbal extracts or other benefits, this 2 pack bundle will be perfect for you! We want to be your business supplier!

Rest easy knowing that this Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin is manufactured and bottled in an American facility. We take pride in creating a safe and optimal end product for our customers.

  •  HIGH PURITY CHEMICAL COMBO – These PG Propylene Glycol & VG Vegetable Glycerin solutions are crafted in their purest form, available at 100%. We do not use any fillers in the process of manufacturing our chemicals. This ensures that you receive a safe, eco-friendly and effective end product.
  • MULTI PURPOSE USES – Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin have been used for numerous years in the cosmetic, food, industrial and healthcare industries. They can be used as defoaming agents, lubricants, humectants, solvents, viscosity modifiers and many other ways! We have clients all over the United States that use this bulk Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin for industrial manufacturing, fog machines, DIY beauty products, windshield wiper solutions, soaps, lotions and much more!

  • NON-TOXIC, SAFE & READY TO USE – Propylene Glycol, also known as methyl ethyl ether, is an organic diol compound with many applications. Vegetable Glycerin, also known as glycerol or glycerine, is a clear, odorless and sweet-tasting liquid derived from vegetable fats. The Compass Laboratory bulk PG and VG are safe to use right out of the bottle. They are 100% non-toxic and a must have ingredient for commercial and home use.

  • USP GRADE, FOOD GRADE & KOSHER – We at Compass Laboratory take pride in manufacturing and bottling our Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin 2 Pack Bundle to be 100% USP, Food Grade & Kosher. This ensures ultimate environmental protection, viscosity modification, premium defoaming, optimal lubrication and most of all, safety for our customers.

  • DIY HOME OR INDUSTRIAL USES – The best part about these all-purpose Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin 2 pack solutions is that they can be used in DIY home or industrial projects! Use them as an additive for your homemade soaps, lotions and moisturizers. Spray it on fresh fruit to provide a protective coating or use it anti-freeze or windshield wash for your car. The choices are endless!

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How many milligrams are in 1 milliliter?

There is 5 milligrams in 1 milliliter of 0.5% solution.

There is 10 milligrams in 1 milliliter of 1% solution.

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