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We are a small business, located in Arkansas. We strive to provide the highest quality dietary and herbal supplements.

Working very well, especially for sleep

I have gradually felt better and better over the two weeks I've been taking Methylene Blue. My energy has increased over that time, and my sleeping is deeper and more restorative. If I get up in the night, I can get back to sleep very quickly, which is a dramatic improvement.


Trust this company

I will buy from this company again


Methylene Blue

Exceptional book! Highly recommend the coin and the product. Been taking it for months. Cleared my COVID brain fog and has already helped my husband’s memory. Excellent and healthy



I have been experiencing a real daily energy increase since starting Methylene Blue. It’s wonderful!


Great product and excellent customer service

I highly recommend this company for their high quality and wonderful customer service. I called the number I found on their website to ask a few things about their DMSO products. I was pleasantly surprised that a very personable and friendly chemist called me back (on a holiday) to personally answer my questions. The chemist even left a personal cell number and answered my return call after hours (we live in different time zones) during a family event. That is above and beyond phenomenal customer service. This company obviously cares a lot about their customers, their products and has very high standards. It makes me trust that they stand by everything they do. Two thumbs up, way up! Thank you!



Understanding the Proper Dosing of Methylene Blue: A Comprehensive Guide

In this comprehensive guide on dosing methylene blue, several key points are highlighted. It emphasizes the importance of consulting with a healthcare professional before starting methylene blue supplementation. The purpose and formulation of methylene blue should be considered, as the dosage can vary based on its intended use. Starting with low doses and gradually increasing as tolerated is recommended to assess individual sensitivity and minimize adverse effects. Understanding measurement units and adjusting the dosage based on individual factors such as body weight, age, metabolism, and specific health conditions is crucial. Adhering to recommended guidelines and seeking professional guidance throughout the process are essential for safe and effective usage. By following these principles, individuals can make informed decisions and optimize the benefits of methylene blue while minimizing potential risks.


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