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Compass Laboratory DMSO Liquid 99.9+ Pure Solvent - USP, Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO Solvent - High-Purity Dimethyl Sulfoxide - Pure, Undiluted, Odorless - Made in The USA - 8.45oz/250ml Glass Bottle

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What's the story behind DMSO?

Discovered in Germany in the late 19th century, DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is actually a byproduct of the paper-making process. Recently, this colorless liquid has been gaining popularity due to its ability to easily penetrate the skin, making it an ideal carrier for various ingredients.

DMSO can be found in topical creams or gels. Some even believe it can help relieve pain or speed up wound recovery. No matter how you plan to use it, it's important to choose a solvent that is pure and potent, and meets strict quality standards.

Use high-potency dimethyl sulfoxide with the Compass Laboratory DMSO.

Our dimethyl sulfoxide solvent boasts 99.9% pharmaceutical-grade purity, so you don't have to worry about it containing any additives or impurities that can affect its potency. It complies with quality standards set by United States Pharmacopeia, making it suitable for use in any industry or application.

DMSO is both fat-soluble and water-soluble, and is ideal for assisting the penetration of different ingredients through the skin. Please note that our dimethyl sulfoxide is intended to be used as a solvent. Using it for other applications is the sole responsibility of the user.

We manufacture our DMSO solvent in the USA while adhering to strict safety regulations. To extend its shelf life, we recommend storing the bottle in a cool, dry place. In case of contact with your eyes, immediately flush it out with water.

Need more time to decide? Here are more reasons to love our DMSO solvent:

- No overpowering odors
- Packed in a dark-colored glass bottle
- Stays stable at room temperature

Get the quality and purity you need in a DMSO solvent. Add the Compass Laboratory DMSO to your cart NOW!


  • Pure & Potent Liquid DMSO Solvent - Make the most value for money when you purchase our high-purity DMSO pharmaceutical solvent. This product features 99.9% USP-grade dimethyl sulfoxide.
  • An Effective Carrier - DMSO is known to easily penetrate cells. Thus, our high-purity dimethyl sulfoxide serves as an ideal transmitter or carrier for different ingredients when mixed into a DMSO solution.
  • Versatile Application - DMSO is miscible in a wide range of organic solvents, including water. Our pharma grade DMSO may be mixed with various gases, synthetic fibers, paint, salts, or natural products.
  • Made in the USA - Our DMSO unscented solvent is manufactured in a facility that complies with strict quality and safety regulations. It also meets standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia.
  • Customer Satisfaction - If, for any reason, you find that the quality of our DMSO pharmaceutical grade solvent isn't up to your standards, please let us know so we can provide a refund or a replacement.

Customer Reviews

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Great product and excellent customer service

I highly recommend this company for their high quality and wonderful customer service. I called the number I found on their website to ask a few things about their DMSO products. I was pleasantly surprised that a very personable and friendly chemist called me back (on a holiday) to personally answer my questions. The chemist even left a personal cell number and answered my return call after hours (we live in different time zones) during a family event. That is above and beyond phenomenal customer service. This company obviously cares a lot about their customers, their products and has very high standards. It makes me trust that they stand by everything they do. Two thumbs up, way up! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many milligrams are in 1 milliliter?

There is 5 milligrams in 1 milliliter of 0.5% solution.

There is 10 milligrams in 1 milliliter of 1% solution.

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Most order will ship within 1 business day.

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