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Propylene Glycol 2 Pack

500 mL, Pure PG Dispensing Bottles, USP Kosher Food Grade PG Liquid for Soaps, Lotions, Moisturizers, Solvents
  • 100% Pure & USP Grade: Our food grade propylene glycol is bottled in the USA and made following strict quality control guidelines to bring you pure PG bottles that are 100% USP, Food Grade & Kosher Friendly for any DIY and industrial applications.
  • PG bottles that are 100% USP, Food Grade & Kosher Friendly for any DIY and industrial applications
  • 2 Pack Propylene Glycol Liquid: Each pack comes with 2 bottles of 500ml propylene glycol that is safe, squeezable, and designed with liquid dispensing caps that give you more control over how much of it you use. Our food grade propylene glycol is stable and comes ready to use right out of the box
  • Home & Industrial Use: Whether you’re making DIY cosmetics at home, creating consumer products, or looking for safe antifreeze, our propylene glycol pack has you covered. They are made using simple ingredients that are safe for commercial and home use.


100% Pure, USP Grade & Stable Propylene Glycol For Multi-Purpose Use!

At Compass Laboratory, we wanted to bring you a PG bulk pack that offers just the right balance of quality and convenience while being stable, safe, and easy to use – so we did!

Our kosher propylene glycol is made for industrial and home use while maintaining purity throughout the manufacturing process so you can use them safely for creating and manufacturing products.

Food Grade Ready To Use Solutions With Stable Formulas

Our propylene glycol is bottled in the USA to maintain its consistency. Our PG solution comes in 2 squeezable bottles to help you create cosmetics, solvents, non-alcohol-based herbal extracts, etc.

Our solutions are food grade, Kosher, odorless, and made without relying on any harsh ingredients. They have a thick and oily consistency and can be used as preservatives in cosmetics, emulsifiers, solvents, etc. to complement many industries.

Propylene Glycol Uses
✔ Can be used to absorb excess moisture and maintain moisture
✔ It’s a pure and flavorless solvent for food colors and flavors
✔ Suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry as a stabilizer
✔ When used as an anticaking agent prevent lumps in food
✔ Ideal for humidifying fluids and de-icing solutions

Make DIY Projects & Industrial Manufacturing Simpler With Our Propylene Glycol 2 Pack!

100% Propylene Glycol

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