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Methylene Blue 0.5% | USP

USP Grade | 1 drop contains 0.25 mg Methylene Blue | 50 mL Glass Dropper Bottle

Do you find yourself experiencing brain fog more often than usual?

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of our cells and are responsible for providing our bodies with energy at a cellular level. Suffice to say that when it fails in its function, our energy levels drop. This doesn't just apply to our bodies, but to our brains as well.

So how do you help your brain cope? Positive lifestyle changes and having the right supplement by your side can help.

Boost your brain's health and function with the Compass Laboratory Methylene Blue 0.5% Drops!

Aside from its ability to quickly cross the blood-brain barrier, our methylene blue supplements may also help enhance mitochondrial efficiency. It supports the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which in turn results in more cellular energy for the brain to use. That, and its ability to support brain cell respiration or oxygen utilization, may help in overall cognitive function.

Methylene blue is also an excellent antioxidant. Thus, it may help the body in flushing out harmful free radicals and may help in prolonging the lifespan of brain cells. In doing so, it helps to promote a more robust memory, especially for those in the later stages of life.

As with any other health product, we advise that you talk to your healthcare professional before consuming this supplement. This is especially true for pregnant or nursing women, as well as individuals suffering from certain health issues and are undergoing treatment.

Here are more details about our methylene blue drops:

- With 0.25 mg methylene blue in every drop

- Compact, travel-friendly packaging

- Comes in 50ml glass dropper bottle

- Made in USA

It's time to start taking better care of your brain. Add the Compass Laboratory Methylene Blue 0.5% Drops to your cart TODAY!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rein Bartlema
very clear everything

The product is top notch

Donald Morgan
Not sure yet on how good the product is.

I'm a little confused on how much to take each day. I've heard good things about the product.

Montie Shelton
Recommended by Dr. Joseph Mercola

I read about it on Dr. Mercola's website and then researched it on line. It has many surprising health benefits. I like it because it is tasteless and I can put it in any liquid. I wish it had come with a dropper, but I use a dropper from another bottle so it's OK.

Olga Klindtworth

Methylene Blue 0.5% | USP Grade | Burning Mouth Syndrome | 1 drop contains 0.25 mg Methylene Blue | 50 mL Glass Dropper Bottle

Thomas Vincze
Pure Methylene Blue 0.5%

I am completely satisfied with the quality of this product. Will be buying the 1% solution when my bottle runs out.


Group 23